What we're all about

Heavy Petal makes band tees — but instead of bands, plants.

Our band shirts turn up the vibe of a houseplant or garden plant until you're like, 80 percent sure you saw them that one time at the 9:30 Club. Then we add a soft, vintage, wildly comfortable feel. So you can ~*~rock~*~ your favorite horticulture everywhere you go.

More designs are coming soon. Our next music/plant combos will be certified bangers, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

We launched in October 2022 and are a very small operation, the opposite of fast fashion. Each limited-edition run is printed and shipped out at the same time. So when you preorder your shirt, it will be sent to you on or around the ship date listed on the product page. Make sense? This helps us to keep prices as low as we can. We're a small business and appreciate your patience! 

We live, garden and jam in Southern California.

All our tees are made in the USA.

Cofounders Chantal Aida Gordon and Ari Wells met while working at a greenery-filled ad agency. Ari was the creative director; Chantal was the senior copywriter. Between client pitches, they grooved to playlists and doted on the ponytail palm in Ari’s office. 

Chantal's also the cofounder of the gardening/design blog The Horticult and cowrote the houseplant book How to Window BoxAri's also the cofounder and CCO of a boutique marketing agency in San Diego.